Gojek Clone App

Gojek is the name of an Indonesian app. It is an on-demand app that has a strong foothold in South-East Asian countries. Inspired by the same idea of providing on-demand services to the customers, smart app developers have built a ready-made multi-services app solution. This solution is called the Gojek clone app! Why is the app so popular in the market and why is it catching every entrepreneur’s attention? Let’s find out answers to these questions. 


This powerfully built application is the current buzzword across the seven continents because: 

  1. The app offers 82+ services with one click 

The services offered on the app vary from genre to genre. When you open the app, the long list of services ranges from transportation & logistics, on-demand service providers, doorstep deliveries from stores, etc. 

All these services are available just at the tap of a button. Moreover, in the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022, you’ll find two additional services – online video consultation and service bidding. 

  1. Advanced features 

Live tracking, OTP verification to start the task, ride cancellation, facemask verification, SOS button, and many more are some advanced features found on this app. The features come pre-integrated into the app. The entrepreneur only has to make a checklist of whatever features they want and the app developers will add them to your on-demand app. 

  1. You need no skills or knowledge about coding 

Coding is something not everyone can do and if they can, none can become ‘pro’ overnight! However, someone who actually is a coding guru and even a person with no knowledge of coding can easily develop and launch a Super app like Gojek. 

How? The app is pre-built, which means a team of professionals has already designed, coded, and market-tested it! The entrepreneur who wants to purchase the app only has to add on the services and features they want. 

  1. It takes only a week or two to launch the app 

Yes! You heard that right. It only takes 1 – 2 weeks to develop and launch the app because the app developers don’t have to make it from scratch. The app is ready and only requires:  

  • Rebranding the base app – add the logo & name of your company and change the color theme. 
  • Integrate features that you want. 
  • Activate the services you need! 


This all-in-one application is attracting the attention of many entrepreneurs from different parts of the world. 

  1. It is cost-effective 

The business idea is cost-effective because unlike building the entire application right from the ground up, purchasing the script is less expensive. Entrepreneurs don’t have to worry about spending the whole of their savings account just to develop and launch the app. 

To clarify the price difference, building an app with these many functions from the foundation will easily cough up USD250,000. Whereas, purchasing a white-labeled solution will only cost you a fraction of this amount, say USD5,000 – USD7,000 only! 

  1. Return on investment is pretty appealing! 

Entrepreneurs launching the Gojek clone – KINGX 2022 app this year will soon be billionaires because this investment is the best thing that’d happen to them. Income will be generated from the commission on every service or every time a provider purchases/renews the subscription plans curated by the entrepreneur! 


Now, do you know why this on-demand multi-service application is the most adored business solution by entrepreneurs and even customers? Get the best Gojek clone script today from only the reputed white-labeling firms and launch your unique service app in a week!

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