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It was not until recently that the concept of on-demand services became popular. The service which is best known for its use of mobile phone Gojek Clone App. Straightforwardly, it allows users to order food, transfer money, and buy things by using an app. Nowadays there are companies like The Assist who offer services like taxi booking, ordering food and grocery shopping over the phone.

What is the GoJek Clone App?

The GoJek Clone App is a taxi-hailing service with delivery services like Grocery Delivery, Food Delivery, Parcel Delivery, Water Bottle Delivery, Wine Delivery, Pharmacy Delivery, On-demand beautician service etc. It will appeal to your customers who always want something and need it right now, for example for a late night meeting or date.

The app offers all the services that Uber and other competitors offer. But has added features such as an e-wallet system and cashless transactions.

How to get your own Gojek Clone App

1. Fill the Enquiry page on our website

2. Get connected to our Sales team

3. Check the Demo apps provided by our Sales team

4. Discuss with them about Deployment of Apps, features and pricing

5. Buy the white label Multi service on-demand Gojek Clone Apps on your server and on your Play Store and App Store. And start earning 

Selecting an on-demand service

You need to consider which services you are going to offer, or which you want to offer because this will help you decide how much to charge for your service. If you are providing transportation. Be sure to let the customer know what type of vehicles are available and also what type of payment will be accepted.

Other than taxi booking services, you can offer grocery delivery, food delivery, wine delivery services which are very popular these days. Lot of people nowadays buy and order online due to covid restrictions, lack of time, to save some time for family and friends.

How to design a gojek clone app for each service

1. Decide a list of all services which you want to offer

2. List down their best prices which your service providers can offer

3. Set minimum commission charges for delivery services to make your

apps popular

4. Try to give some offers and discounts on purchase

5. Discuss with restaurants and stores which can lower down their rates for your apps to allow you to lower down overall rates for your customers

Setting up a customer account in your gojek clone app

If you want to be able to offer on-demand services, you will need an account for each customer. Setting up accounts is as easy as entering the customer’s first name and email address (or any other information) and then clicking “create account”. You can also do some customization like adding a customer reference. Which will help you more easily identify the customers on your app.

The 5 most popular on-demand services

Transportation : Transportation is one of the most popular on-demand services. With GoJek Clone, you can offer your customers the option to hail a ride in their locality using your app.

Another popular service is home services, which includes things like plumbers, electricians, and cleaners.

The third service is food delivery, which allows customers to order food without having to go out of their homes or workplaces to get it.

Number four on the list is grocery delivery, which saves time for customers by providing them with the convenience of buying all their necessary groceries at once.

Last but not the least one is Wine delivery or medicine delivery which are not very hiped deliveries but are essentials nowadays.


It has been a wonderful journey of learning how to create a Gojek Clone App. I know now that the replicated app will be able to provide many value-added services for your clients that are not available elsewhere. The All in one service app is an excellent way for me to earn more income and grow my client base exponentially.

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